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7 Mar Mixology

Jameson comes home and opens doors to public

Irish Distillers has announced the reopening of Jameson's home in Smithfield, Dublin, following €11 million investment

19 Jul Mixology

Absolut latest bottle design stirs things up

The semi-transparent triangles allow the bottle's colours to overlap in distinct ways when viewed from different angles

18 Jul Spirits

Beefeater gin launches London movie awards

Beefeater's limited edition ‘Our London Movie Awards’ bottle celebrates the movies that bring the city to life

New Product

SmartCube – the clever solution for bars

The Martini SmartCube aims to make waiting at the bar a thing of the past. The ice-cube shaped device is added to drinks in addition to regular ice, anticipating when your drink is finished, allowing staff to prepare the next beverage. As well...

15 Jul Spirits

Our/Vodka distillery set up in LA Arts District

Our/Los Angeles is born of a partnership between Steven Ocheltree and Tyler Simmons of creative agency Sew

7 Jun Spirits

Glenlivet Cipher offers fans a taste challenge

The latest limited edition Glenlivet challenges whisky fans to decode the expression via an interactive digital platform