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12 May Wine

Teeling releases Brabazon Bottling series

Teeling Whiskey has released a new series of limited edition single malts, entitled the Brabazon Bottling

14 Mar Spirits

Le Clos unveils Geisha range of Karuizawa

Le Clos has launched a world-exclusive collection of vintage Karuizawa whiskies at its outlet in Dubai Airport

13 Nov Spirits

Ceremony held for UK's first sake brewery

A traditional 'Jichinsai' ceremony has been held at the construction site for the UK's first sake brewery

New Product

SmartCube – the clever solution for bars

The Martini SmartCube aims to make waiting at the bar a thing of the past. The ice-cube shaped device is added to drinks in addition to regular ice, anticipating when your drink is finished, allowing staff to prepare the next beverage. As well...

3 Nov Spirits

Hiro Gold and expansion plans for Hiro Sake

To celebrate its 5th anniversary, Hiro Sake releases new premium sake, Hiro Gold, and reveals further expansion plans

24 Aug Fine & Rare

Glover 18 release honours Scottish Samurai

A rare blend of Scotch and Japanese whiskies has proven so popular that its makers have released a third version