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2 Mar Mixology

Midnight Moon launches Raspberry ‘Shine

As Piedmont Distillers sells its 1.5millionth case of Midnight Moon, it has launched a new moonshine flavour – raspberry

2 Mar Spirits

Diageo unveils the connected ‘smart bottle’

Thinfilm technology is being demonstrated on Johnnie Walker Blue Label bottles at the Mobile World Congress today

27 Feb Spirits

Timatin adds cask strength whisky to range

Timatin Highland single malt Scotch whisky has added a first Cask Strength expression to its core range

New Product

Wine Developers from Guala

Guala Closures Group produces the largest range of screwcaps, with endless possibilities of decoration and customisation, through its Wine Developers platform. Wine Developers now also includes a new range of liners with different levels of o...

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