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26 Apr Beer

Distillers' City Debate contests innovation

This year's Distillers' City Debate will contest arguments over innovation and acquisition as a means for growth

23 Mar Spirits

Rob Allanson to be Grant’s brand ambassador

Whisky Magazine’s editor Rob Allanson is to be the new global ambassador for Grant’s blended Scotch whisky

13 Feb Spirits

Mike Keyes confirmed as keynote speaker

Brown Forman president Mike Keyes is to be the keynote speaker at the World Whiskies Conference in New York on April 8th

New Product


27 Sep Beer

WSTA Conference confronts digital challenge

Addressing the theme of ‘The Consumer Challenge’, the 2013 WSTA Annual Conference took place in London this week

16 Jul Fine & Rare

Rare whisky collection created for Harrod's

The Dalmore Paterson Collection goes on sale today in the Fine Spirits Room at Harrod's, London, for £987,500