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12 Oct Beer

Brewer Siren launches Twin Flames Classic and Nitro duo

Twin Flames release from Siren includes carbonated and nitrogenated beer

2 Mar Beer

Carbon and plastics dominate debate at Packaging Innovations 2020

The Drinks Forum and BIG Carbon Debate put sustainability centre stage

13 Feb Spirits

Fruit drinks brand Punchy goes plastic-free in packaging redesign

UK-based Punchy Drinks unveils plastic-free packaging alongside new flavours

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6 Nov Press Promotion

The Label Makers work with Vocation Brewery

The Label Makers has produced a range of new labels for a special release beer series by Vocation Brewery

11 Oct Beer

Carlsberg Group moves closer to paper bottle

Carlsberg Group has revealed prototypes for its Green Fibre Bottle as it moves closer to the first paper beer bottle