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Diversity is the way forward for Cava

A new classification for Cava has been announced by the president of the Cava regulation council. He says producers need to emphasise the range and diversity of Spain’s fizz in global export markets

Pere Bonet DOP del Cava

The consejo president firmly believes that Cava is the only sparkling wine in the world with so much diversity to offer consumers, both in terms of price and style.

“From entry level non vintage Cavas right through to the top end, limited production Gran Reservas, we believe that Cava is unique in its range and variety of styles,” he says.

Speaking about the potential for the sector to get consumers to trade up and spend more on Cava he emphasised the quality of Spain’s quintessential sparkling wine at every level. Within the existing ageing classification for Cava he announced the creation of a new classification for Cava. Entitled Cava del Paraje Calificado, (Qualified Single Estate Cava) the classification will be eligible for those Cava producers who are producing wines from single vineyard estates within their property and is likely to become legal by autumn of this year.

At the top end of the scale this classification will be designed for Cavas produced from single estate vineyard sites and will be subject to the strictest quality controls by the region’s consejo regulador.

“This new classification gives Cava producers the opportunity to gain recognition for those wines which are produced from a specific site or single estate within their vineyard. We have received considerable interest from our producers about this initiative, and whilst it is a little too early to say how many Cava houses will participate we anticipate that there will a number wanting to use the classification for their wines.

“The exact parameters that will enable eligible producers to use the classification are yet to be decided but the yield and ageing restrictions will be in line with, or most probably  higher than those used for Gran Reserva Cavas. This move is part of our overall strategy to communicate the amazing diversity of styles and qualities to be found within the COP Cava and we hope that by creating this new classification we are helping producers to highlight this diversity and further promote the premium image of Cava in all markets.”

13 May 2014