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Changing tide for Yorkshire themed gin shop

The Drinks Report speaks to Amanda Shaw, owner of More and Tide, the proudly Yorkshire gin shop, about why she is choosing to champion independent gin brands

Amanda Shaw Moor and Tide

When did you open Moor and Tide?

June 2016. 

Could you tell us a little more about the shop and its evolution?

I opened the shop initially to sell products and gifts made in Yorkshire and after visiting Masons Yorkshire Gin at a trade fair, I decided to apply for a licence to sell well known local gin in the shop. Since then the demand for specialist gin has increased dramatically and after I realised that the gifts were not selling well, I decided to go down the specialist spirits route with the shop.

How would you describe your product offering?

I tend to offer unusual gin, rum and whisky options, stocking quality products with a multitude of awards. I also offer gifts that will complement the gins specifically, some of which I have sourced from The Great British Exchange. 

What is it about gin that you believe will give it staying power in the years to come, or alternatively, do you think it is just a passing craze?

The popularity of gin will inevitably decline over time, as I think that a lot of its success is due to it being a massive trend. However, I still believe that once people have found something that they enjoy drinking, they will continue to buy that particular gin. 

If you had to choose, what would be your favourite gin at present, and why?

A definite favourite at the moment would have to be our new Whitby Gin, presented in a beautifully shaped bottle, with an eye-catching blue and gold label. The flavours are superb and it has been distilled using the London Dry method, utilising botanicals foraged from the coast and moorland surrounding Whitby. Moorland heather, sugar kelp from Robin Hood’s Bay and local honey are combined to make a smooth and flavoursome gin, at an ABV of 42%. 

Do you think that individual brands will continue to thrive as the market becomes more saturated?

I would imagine that the quality gins will continue to thrive, purely due to the excellence of the product. However, those that are based on a trend will not stay the course in the long term. 

When it comes to finding new brands to stock, what are you specifically looking for? 

I keep an eye out for brands that are trending on social media initially and will only stock quality gins that are local and have often won awards. Excellent customer service from my suppliers is a must for me, enabling the shop to offer a large selection for my clientele, with stock that is always available. 

To what extent does customer feedback impact your selection? 

If a customer mentions a certain gin to me that I do not stock, I will always consider it as a viable option depending on popularity and price. 

How much of an impact has teaming up with The Great British Exchange had on your search for independent British producers? 

The service provided is excellent and they are always very helpful, offering top quality products that come from small producers who are often time-consuming to find. Like any business owner, time is short, so dealing with The Great British Exchange has enabled me to move forward with the sales of sprits, developing the business into what it is today without wasting a lot of time. 


8 August 2018