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Sustainability first: What's new at Royston Labels

Glyn Scriven has recently joined the team at Royston Labels as head of sales for the Drinks division, bringing his many years of experience to the award-winning labels and closures manufacturer

Glyn Scriven Royston Labels

Royston takes pride in pushing for innovation and excellence in its work, with sustainability a particular focus at the moment. We asked Glyn about his move to Royston, what’s on the horizon for the company, and what sets it apart from the rest of the pack.

How have you found the move to Royston Labels, and what prompted this?

Joining Royston Labels, I have taken over responsibility for the strategic leadership of the Sales team which manages Beer, Wine and Spirit producers in the UK and all their labelling production. The move has been very easy, as I have been made to feel welcome and valued by the team from my very first day. I decided to make the move as my passion lies within bottle decoration and this role allows me to work in partnership with drinks brand owners and leading design agencies to bring beautiful, innovative label designs to the shelves.

Tell me about the products Royston Labels is working on at the moment.

One of the great aspects of our strategy is continued evolvement and improvement. Consumer demand changes, and as such our customers need us to continue to offer a vast range of print techniques, as well as innovation and finishes. We constantly work with our supply chain partners to find the optimum material, with the optimum adhesive, to deliver the best result. Key focuses in this area continue to be sustainability and innovative premium finishes.

Does the new Crush range mark the start of some big changes for Royston?

Absolutely! Working with our supply chain partners to select innovative material ranges is key and the new Crush range from Avery is one of our favourites. The demand for sustainable label options has been the largest shift the industry has seen in many years and we have embraced the opportunity to guide our customers in this change. We know that UK consumers would rather purchase from brands with a sustainability story and customers need to consider this at the very early stages of product design.

What sets Royston apart from its competitors?

While we grow, we maintain the family business ethos of its roots 30 years ago. The management team is lean, decisions are made quickly, and we maintain strong communication within all areas of the business. Royston Labels is recognised for its focus on customer service, quality and attention to detail.

What role does sustainability play in the company’s day-to-day operations?

We are committed to be a zero-to-landfill site. Working with our recycling partners, all production waste is recycled including the waste matrix, glassine and PET liners, inks and rags. Each year we measure our progress in terms of trees saved, tonnes of waste recycled and tonnes of recycled glassine liner.

Do you think Royston is leading the way for other labels and packaging companies in terms of prioritising sustainability?

Yes, I am proud to say we are ahead of the game in this area, and our clients are demonstrating this by bringing us early into the planning discussions and asking us to share our expertise.

At Royston we have a three-stage approach to this: First, ensure our team has extensive knowledge and experience of the complete supply chain and recycling process; second, widen our range of recyclable sourced materials through our extensive supplier base; and third, work with our customers to find the best sustainable and practical solutions for their labels.

Do you feel proud of the work Royston is doing, and is there room for improvement?

We will constantly strive for business improvement to ensure we deliver the best result and maintain our market position. My focus on the UK drinks industry is testament to this approach. We have to understand the needs of our clients, the market they are operating in and the consumer demands they need to address in order to succeed.

Do you think by offering more sustainable options, Royston is in turn encouraging consumers to make more sustainable choices?

All print manufacturers must recognise their pivotal role in the move towards sustainability. We have dual responsibility to both ensure we reduce our environmental impact and closely guide our customers through their options on the production of sustainable packaging. 







4 September 2020