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Rexam helps Klinskoye expose best features

In the Russian beer market, Klinskoye is using Rexam’s Thermochromic ink technology on its Klinskoye Light brand to indicate to consumers when the beer is sufficiently chilled and, in Klinskoye’s words, “expose its best features”.
The cans, made at Rexam’s Naro Fominsk plant in Russia, were launched into the market in May 2009, in time for the summer.
Thermochromic ink is fast becoming popular among beer brands across Europe to appeal to consumers’ sensory needs and indicate that, because of the coolness of the chilled beverage, the beer will provide a refreshing drinking experience.

However, the Russian beer brand has taken this one step further and incorporated the temperature sensitive ink into the majority of its Klinskoye Light can design. The ink changes colour from white to green when the beer inside the can is chilled to the perfect drinking temperature.
Ann Bonner, marketing manager at Rexam says, “Thermochromic indicators are becoming a popular form of intelligent packaging and consumption choices are increasingly being made on the basis of sensual appeal therefore, combining the aluminium can, already well known for its chilling properties, with a thermochromic indicator, gives the Klinskoye brand a real connectivity with the consumer”    
Klinskoye are keen to appeal to their loyal consumers with this new technology. Vera Moshkina, new product group brand manager at Klinskoye says, “We are looking forward to a sunny and hot summer and are confident that our consumers will be excited by our perfectly chilled beer in a can with the new thermo-design.”






1 August 2009 - Felicity Murray