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New research into wine packaging preferences

Despite the emergence of alternative packaging materials, recent research commissioned by glass manufacturer O-I reveals that wine-drinking consumers still overwhelmingly prefer wine packaged in glass bottles

The online research, conducted April-May 2009, polled approximately 1,300 North American wine-drinking consumers to measure their purchasing habits and preferences for wine packaging. Results showed an overwhelming preference for wine in glass, as 86 percent of consumers routinely purchase wine in glass bottles and 73 percent of consumers will only purchase wine when it is packaged in glass.

The research also found that consumers choose wine in glass over other packaging materials for social occasions including both traditional and outdoor activities. Consumers ranked wine in glass first for picnics, barbecues, tailgating, holiday parties, house warming gifts, birthday gifts and dinner parties.

The research also revealed that consumers prefer glass packaging because it:

  • maintains the taste of the wine
  • is visually appealing
  • preserves wine longer
  • is easy to recycle
  • portrays a classy and stylish image

Although the majority of consumers prefer wine in glass packaging, research revealed slight generational differences in the importance of wine packaging characteristics.

Millennials: Consumers surveyed in the Millennial generation (ages 21-34) care more about the weight and physical shape of wine packaging.

Older generations: Consumers in Generation X and Baby Boomers, (ages 35-65+) care more about the transparency of the packaging as well as having a variety of package sizes available


1 December 2009 - Felicity Murray