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Liqor 43 brings a Spanish sunshine to UK bars

Licor Cuarenta y Tres, or Licor 43 as it is more familiarly known, is Spain’s top selling liqueur. Benefiting not only from remarkable domestic sales in the Spanish market, but increasingly the buoyant ‘bring back’ market of those Europe-wide travellers and holiday-makers, Licor 43 is now experiencing increasing sales in the UK market.

 “As one of the major liqueur brands in the marketplace, Licor 43 is sitting with phenomenal potential here,” reports Karen Fowler, brand manager at premium spirits and rum specialists J Wray & Nephew. “Like other established top liquors, Licor 43’s origins are steeped in history and go back many centuries.  The recipe is a closely guarded secret and is comprises an astonishing 43 ingredients including citrus fruits, flavourings such as vanilla, and aromatic herbs and spices.”

43 Cocktail Collection guide launched in UK

Distributor J Wray & Nephew is now making a major move for its Licor 43  brand in the UK market. Targeting key elements of the trade, the company has introduced a  comprehensive cocktail collection guide, in which the recipes for 43 leading Licor 43 cocktails have been gathered and are set out in six sections. along with a forward by Karen giving the background and legend behind the Solera aged liqueur.

The recipes credit the UK bartenders and bars of origin for each cocktail.  As Karen explains, "Licor 43 gives bartenders infinite opportunities to create unparalleled mixes that can be adapted to suit any consumer and their  individual tastes.”

Licor 43 has a sweet citrus-vanilla flavour, and can be served neat, with any fruit juice or with soda or milks. Some Spanish coffee shops offer it in specialty coffee hot and cold drinks. It is most commonly served simply poured over crushed ice. It has gained increasing popularity over recent years and is often used as an ingredient for a cocktail named "Caipirinha 43”.  It is Spain’s top selling liqueur and is now exported to over 60 countries

Bottled at 31%abv and packed 6 x 70cl to an outer.

1 August 2009 - Felicity Murray