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Ring-pull cap for wide-mouthed bottles

The RipCap wide mouth closure which has been used by wine and spirit producers for many years is now available for bottled beers and cider

Manufactured by Finn-Korkki, this easy-open aluminium ring pull closure has a diameter of 42mm and can be used on wide-neck glass, plastic and metal bottles to give the consumer the sensation of drinking from a glass.

The wide mouth production line has been operating since early 2008. It was shipped to Finland from Australia after Finn-Korkki purchased, in 2007, the assets of the company RipCap Closures Systems in Melbourne. Combining Finn-Korkki's knowledge of ring pull caps with RipCap production machinery allowed the development of the new wide mouth.

Rolf Nygîrd, managing director, said, "Our new wide mouth ring pull cap has been developed to meet the demands of brewers seeking a distinctive packaging for their bottled beer. Brewers realise that in these challenging times innovation is key to keeping a brandâ•’s lead position."

Equipment to convert a crown capper to use RipCap closures is manufactured by Finn-Korkki. Installation takes about 3 days including production testing and training of line operators.

April 09

1 April 2009 - Felicity Murray