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Courvoisier reveals new education tool

Courvoisier has created a “sensory experience” to help the trade and consumers understand the complexities of cognac - and Courvoisier in particular - on the nose and palate

Le Nez de Courvoisier is being introduced to the UK as part of Maxxium UK’s £12m investment in Courvoisier this year and will be available to the trade and demonstrated at selected consumer events across the country from this month, June.

Courvoisier’s master blender Jean Marc Olivier worked with a team of the world’s top perfume manufacturers to identify 21 different aromas, which are found to varying levels in the different Courvoisier blends. Each marque is encapsulated by three different aromas including crème brûlée, roasted coffee beans, ginger cookies, iris flowers and candied orange. These aromas have been re-created and bottled to make special nosing kits, which will increase understanding of each marque.

Each individual aroma has been chosen to reflect one aspect of the production, linking back to the meticulous attention to detail paid during the growing, distilling, ageing and blending process, resulting in the perfect cognac

To enhance the experience, a musical composition by Laurent Assoulen, a leading French composer who interprets scent through music, and an exquisite seven-course meal designed by Michelin-starred chef Alexis Gauthier from London’s Roussillon, have been developed, inspired by the aromas.

The interactive training tool will bring Courvoisier to life whilst educating sales teams and distributors by simplifying the marques through aroma. The education process covers the rich history of Courvoisier from its days as supplier to the Court of Napoleon and instills the passion of Courvoisier’s origins in Jarnac, France.

Courvoisier’s UK brand manager Barbara Annis says: “This is a groundbreaking project for Courvoisier and shows that we continue to innovate and lead in the category. Cognac is a complex spirit, which can intimidate drinkers and prevent new consumers from entering the category. Le Nez de Courvoisier will provide our sales teams and ambassadors with a simple, sensory way of presenting Courvoisier to customers and consumers, helping to unravel some of the complexities surrounding the spirit and inspire interest.

“By demystifying the category and making it more accessible, Le Nez de Courvoisier will encourage drinkers to appreciate fully this luxury brand and trade up through the range, increasing value for Courvoisier and the category.”

Pierre Szersnovicz, global brand ambassador and spirit quality manager for Courvoisier, added: “Le Nez de Courvoisier makes the drinking experience truly pleasurable, giving each Courvoisier marque a personality that everyone can relate to.

“Each stage of Courvoisier’s meticulous production process from grape to glass, including the close relationships with our winemakers dating back centuries and the hand selection of 200 year old oak to make each barrel, results in the creation of wonderful aromas, identifiable in each of our marques. Each scent within Le Nez de Courvoisier is attributable to one of these elements, helping consumers to further understand the uncompromising craftsmanship involved in producing Courvoisier.”

Key aromas by marque

Initiale Extra

Old Port wine
Hot fruit cakes

XO Fine Champagne

Cigar leaves
Fine leather
Ripe figs

XO Imperial

Crème brûléé
Iris flower
Candied orange


Dried Apricot


Roasted coffee


Summer flowers
Dried fruit


New oak
Fresh fruit
Spring flowers


1 June 2009 - Felicity Murray