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Tyrrell’s vodka renamed Chase

This UK vodka distilled from potatoes was first launched in May 2008 as Tyrell’s Vodka. It has now relaunched as Chase Vodka in a new bottle designed by Room 58 in Cheltenham and supplied by Saver Glass in France.

The vodka was the brainchild of UK family potato farmer Will Chase who, when looking for equipment for his Tyrrell’s Potato Chips, discovered a still for vodka production.

Thinking this was a great idea and an exciting natural extension to his successful potato chip company, Will set off to North America to research the process and equipment. The copper still is now in place in a previously redundant hop kiln at Rosemaund Farm and producing small batches of potato vodka.

Wiliam Chase Distillery started mashing the first batch of potatoes on April 1, 2008 and the first bottle of vodka was produced in May 2008. Each hand signed and batch numbered as an artisan vodka.

The product is bottled at the distillery and stopped by hand. The labels are also applied by hand. The production capacity is 3,500 bottles per week but distribution is now reaching far-away places such as San Francisco. All off-trade distribution is handled by the distillery while on-trade sales are in the hands of wholesalers regionally and nationally.

Distillers tasting notes:
Chase Vodka has a buttery nose and a full bodied and creamy texture. It is complex on the palate with notes of mashed potato and butter, leading onto a slightly smoked almond finish with a hint of black pepper.

About Chase Distillery:
Chase Distillery’s founder, Will Chase, has been growing the potatoes that make Chase Vodka on the same land in Herefordshire his family have owned for three generations. This expertise, coupled with a desire to create something a little more exciting than supermarket spuds, has led Will on an adventure from farm to award winning Tyrrell’s crisps to award winning potato vodka.

New fruit flavoured range of vodkas
Chase has also introduced a range of flavoured vodka liqueurs made using the potato vodka and 100% fresh fruit also from Herefordshire with no added flavourings.


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