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Tanqueray redesigned for global ad campaign

The campaign, which commences in the US this month (July), will be rolled out in key markets internationally from September.

Shivaun Lucey, global brand director for gins at Diageo told The Drinks Report:"Gin is a 8 million case category for us today so we asked ourselves: 'What will it take to double this?'."

She said Diageo is reacting to the current "gin renaissance" and is keen to to play an active role in furthering the potential for gin sales among the 30+ age group - a generation which is now looking for a more sophisticated and complex drinking experience.

Following this major relaunch for Tanqueray, Shivaun Lucey said the company will turn its focus onto the other gins in its portfolio, Gordons, Gilbey's as well as local brands.

The bottle redesign
The new Tanqueray bottle, designed by London agency Sedley Place, retains the brand's unmistakable masculinity and distinctive cocktail shaker shape, which was introduced in 1948 when gin was the definitive cocktail drink, but has been updated and given new elements.

It is taller and more tapered – so it is even more like a cocktail shaker – and has added features, such as the company’s signature, Charles Tanqueray & Co., on the label and the Tanqueray family crest featuring a pineapple - the historic symbol of hospitality and warm welcome - embossed on the glass.  

The Tanqueray T-seal has been upgraded with additional detail. The resulting look and feel presents an even greater resemblance to a real wax seal therefore strengthening the bottle’s superiority. 

The bottle’s pressure sensitive labels have been transformed with satin finish silver print to give a more contemporary look. The main label has incorporated transparent panels and the foot label is transparent to reveal more of the liquid and improve standout. 

Shivaun Lucey added that the new shape has meant additional investment by Diageo in new filling line change parts for bottling and capping.

Summing up she said: “The new designs and additions have modernised the Tanqueray bottle making it desirable to current consumers, whilst still remaining true to the brand’s rich heritage.” 


The ad campaignThe new creative campaign launched in the US on July and will be rolled to other key markets around the world from September. ‘Resist Simple’ encourages consumers to resist the bland, ordinary and predictable – including drink choices – by taking a stand for the pleasure in the complexity and richness of life. 

Shivaun Lucey said: “This is a new era for Tanqueray – we are re-launching the brand with a new attitude and a new voice. With this, we believe we can lead the renaissance of the gin category and excite consumers into this category. Tanqueray is Diageo’s global priority brand in gin and we believe ‘Resist Simple’ will drive significant growth for the brand over the next three years”.

The ‘Resist Simple’ campaign is about people who detour from the status quo, the predictable, the ordinary, going out of their way to experience a more animated, interesting life. This includes a refined approach to what to drink. Tanqueray gin, with its sophisticated, un-simple taste, is for people with a taste for life.”

The creative is intended to appeal to all of the senses and portray the experience of drinking Tanqueray gin as a multi layered, rewarding journey.  Each execution features the re-designed bottle at the heart of the creative. ‘Resist Simple’ taps into a trend identified by Diageo’s recent research which reveals consumers are moving away from lifestyle driven by status-seeking to a more discerning approach to life.

In an effort to reach those very adults where they live and play, the broadcast campaign includes both 30 and 15 second adverts that will air on TV and online. There will also be two print ad executions which build upon the same layering technique as the television creative, employing bright, bold colors to draw the eye across each of the crafted layers.  One focuses on a lifestyle theme with the copy “Keep Your Tongue Guessing,” while the other takes a twist on the traditional Tanqueray & Tonic cocktail with the copy “T&T: A Many Splendored Thing And Tonic.” 

‘Resist Simple’ has been developed by a multi-agency team comprising Wieden + Kennedy who created the concept and creative:  Motion Theory for construction of the TV campaign, Marcel Christ for still life “styling” of the Tanqueray bottle, botanicals and drinks; Hugo Guinness and Florence Malik for illustrations and Azim Haidaryan for photography. The campaign will also be supported by Wieden + Kennedy for digital communications.

July 09


1 July 2009 - Felicity Murray