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Highland Park releases 1964 and 1968 editions

The 1964 and 1968 expressions from the Highland Park distillery’s new Orcadian Vintage Series have been launched in packaging that reflects the artisanal nature of the single malts and which consumers will want to keep long after the liquid has been savoured. 

The 1964 Vintage has been created from only two hogshead oak casks for the 290 bottles of 45 year old single malt (42.2% abv RRP £3,750). The 1968, is an equally impressive malt and 1550 bottles will enter the market; both at home and abroad. Eight refill casks make up the character of the 1968 40 year old single malt (45.6% abv RRP £2,250). Over the next five years Highland Park will release up to ten exclusive Vintage limited editions.

Drawing on the current style of the Highland Park 40 year old, the Vintage’s debut is revealed in a “decanter-esque” bell-bottomed jet back glass bottle that features flashes of silver foil, an embossed Pictish knot work design on the necker and banding, and a distinctive pewter ‘H’ Amulette on the front of the bottle.
Design agency Mountain Creative undertook the creation of the Orcadian Vintage Series’ presentation.  Creative director Andy Bowman has studied Viking art in the museums of Norway, Sweden and Denmark and previously designed the Highland Park amulette. 

The Orcadian Vintage Series celebrates Viking art and the spirit of the Norse craftsmen who created astonishingly elaborate and beautiful pieces using only the most rudimentary tools and materials.

Glass specialist Stoelze Flaconnage was tasked with emphasising the artisanal nature of the Orcadian Vintage Series and produce a bottle that consumers would want to keep long after the liquid has been savoured.

The bottles are presented in a naturally coloured oak wooden box finished to high specification cabinet quality.  The craftsmen have enhanced the boxes with ornate marquetry; the pewter Amulette embedded into the front of the box, which also features inlay design work.  Inside collectors will discover a detailed booklet featuring explanatory notes about the Vintages range from thought to taste.

1 November 2009 - Felicity Murray