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Bowmore 1964 Trilogy Sells for US$21,600

The Bowmore 1964 Trilogy (Black, White and Gold Bowmore) sold for US$21,600 at a Christie’s auction in New York on Saturday - above the asking price of US$18k.
The three-bottle lot included the newly-released Gold Bowmore, White Bowmore (released in 2008) and Black Bowmore (released in 2007).
As one of the oldest distilleries in Scotland, and the first distillery to be established on the island of Islay, Bowmore is regarded by many as one of the best balanced single malt Scotch whiskies in the world, characterised by its rich and complex flavours.
Located on Islay’s shores of Loch Indaal, the distillery’s close proximity to the sea and its adherence to traditional production methods are vital factors in creating its warm, smoky character.
Like the previously-released whiskies in the Trilogy, Gold Bowmore matured below sea level in the distillery’s celebrated Number 1 vault. Over 44 years, it developed a rich, gold color and a complex balance of aromas and flavours reminiscent of exotic fruit, vanilla, and gentle peat smoke.
Charles Curtis, head of North American wine sales for Christie's, commented: "The Bowmore Trilogy, which sold for US$21,600, excited interest worldwide and was keenly pursued by potential buyers. We are honoured to have been the route to market for the debut of this prestigious spirit, and believe that this result demonstrates the strength of the nascent market for collectible spirits."
Mike Keiller, chief executive of Morrison Bowmore Distillers said: "The final addition to the Trilogy, Gold Bowmore, was only launched in October and was met with wonderful acclaim. For the entire 1964 Bowmore Trilogy to have been sold for an incredible price at the most prestigious auction house in the world really is a fitting celebratory note to end on for this unique collection of whisky.  
“We are very proud of all three whiskies - they're great examples of the quality we strive for with every expression we create - and we look forward to continuing this success with future exclusive Bowmore editions."

1 November 2009 - Felicity Murray