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Who says Armagnac is old fashioned?

Château du Tariquet, independent Bas Armagnac producer since 1912, known for its stylish label and packaging designs has just released a new ultra modern 'Carrement VSOP' Bas Armagnac carafe for its VSOP blend, just in time for the London International Wine Fair.

Its name 'Carrement VSOP' is actually a clever play on words in French, with 'carré being a square, and 'carrement' meaning 'truly', therefore 'Truly VSOP'. It is the first time that Tariquet has used gold screen printed lettering directly on the bottle and the carafe comes in a box with a cut out window front and back to allow the light passing through to fully show off the beautiful mahogany colour of the Bas Armagnac.

Recognised as one of the most contemporary Bas Armagnac producers, the Chateau du Tariquet story is somewhat of an anomaly in the traditional Armagnac world where the oldest spirit in France is brought together with great modernity and flair for design. Tariquet like to break the ‘rules’ and this stylish carafe certainly ‘moves the goal posts’.

The VSOP Bas Armagnac itself is also a signature of the Tariquet philosophy to create Bas Armagnacs that are fresh, light and fruity. The VSOP in the 'Carrement' carafe is a blend of 60% Ugni Blanc and 40% Baco (a variety specific to Armagnac only) that have been aged in oak casks for at least five to seven years. The VSOP is totally natural with absolutely no caramel added and the Tariquet family is particularly proud of its mahogany colour achieved from ageing the spirit in lightly toasted barrels which is characteristic of Tariquet's identity.

Tasting notes: A richly powerful, concentrated nose with a hint of toast and gingerbread. When exposed to the air, superb aromas of a baker’s oven, rancio and candied fruits appear. Smooth and round in the mouth with no sensation of alcohol but only woody vanilla. A well developed finish with recurrence of macerated stone fruits. A perfectly balanced, very mature Bas Armagnac, which astonishes with its consummated marriage of wood and alcohol.

1 May 2009 - Felicity Murray