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Chivas embarks on global gin education tour

The programme is expected to reach in excess of 50,000 international decision makers from the spirits industry in 2009, targeting a broad cross-section of industry professionals including style bar operators and bartenders. Participants in the education programme include Henry Besant of Worldwide Cocktail Club, Taste and Flavour’s Mark Ridgwell, Peter Dorelli, the Fabulous Shaker Boys, Nick Strangeway - Tales of the Cocktail’s Bartender of the Year - and Tony Conigliaro, the creator of molecular mixology.

Nick Blacknell, brand director for gin at Chivas Brothers, explains: “With two of the world’s leading gin brands in our stable, we are now even more committed to driving the category forward and see education as a crucial part of this. Our brand ambassador programme is already having great international success and this educational drive will ensure that the most influential movers and shakers in the bar world have Beefeater and Plymouth firmly front of mind.”

Highlights of the programme in 2009 include:

Amsterdam Venuez Bar Show (31 March - 1 April): Beefeater took centre stage with a range of activities themed around its widely acclaimed Forever London positioning. Taking inspiration from the book ‘London’s Classic Gin Cocktails’ - recently published by Beefeater and written by Jared Brown and Anistatia Miller - Henry Besant, of Worldwide Cocktail Club and Peter Dorelli amongst other leading mixologists recreated the development of gin cocktails in the capital from the 1700s to the present day, touching on the current trend for rediscovering forgotten classics and giving them a modern day makeover. Meanwhile, London squared up to Holland with a Gin versus Genever tasting with Desmond Payne. Spirits guru Mark Ridgwell hosted a tutored tasting that included all three gin products in the Chivas Brothers portfolio.

Paris Bar Show (10 - 11 May): The Paris Bar Show saw the official launch of Beefeater 24 in France and also showcased a number of the Forever London activities seen in Amsterdam. Beefeater 24 additionally hosted the show’s official closing party.

London Bar 09 (23 - 24 June): Chivas Brothers will be creating a modern interpretation of a gin palace on its stand as a platform to highlight the strength of its gin portfolio and explain the different but complementary roles that Beefeater and Plymouth can play in a bar.* Emphasising the crucial role of the distillers in the creation of quality gins, Master Distillers for Beefeater and Plymouth, Desmond Payne and Sean Harrison, will be on hand for interviews and tastings. An all-star line up of mixologists will be demonstrating classic and current cocktail trends for gin and, as in 2008, the doors of the Beefeater distillery in Kennington will be thrown open and a top secret Beefeater 24 party will undoubtedly be the highlight of the event.

New Orleans Tales of the Cocktail (8 - 12 July): Chivas Brothers’ gin portfolio will be omnipresent at this prestigious US event, topping and tailing the festival with events. Beefeater will be sponsoring the opening ceremony and will see an Old versus New London challenge featuring a line up of the world’s best bartenders. 

One of the highlights of the festival will be the unveiling of Beefeater 24 that will take place in a stunning ‘indoor garden’ created in an opulent ballroom epitomising the glamour of the brand. Plymouth will end the event with the famous Bartender Breakfast. Plymouth will bring some of the Big Apple’s best bars to New Orleans with a truly unique line-up of participating accounts including Death & Co, Employees Only, Milk & Honey, PDT and Pegu Club and will see the venue transformed into a library lounge full of Plymouth nostalgia and mixology history.

Beefeater is the world’s largest selling premium gin selling 2.4m 9 litre cases in 100 countries. The Beefeater range comprises Beefeater Dry and Beefeater 24. As the only international London Dry Gin to still have its distillery in London, Beefeater is committed to keeping London at the heart of all its marketing initiatives.

Plymouth Gin is a unique style of hand made gin and the only British gin with Protected Geographical Indication, which means it has to be made within the ancient city walls of Plymouth, South West England. Plymouth Gin is a successful brand with a strong heritage and Chivas Brothers plans to build on its success and continue to develop the brand.

* The Gin Palace has been designed by


May 09

London goes to Holland

Pernod Ricard's Beefeater gin brand took centre stage at the 2009 Venuez Bar Show in Amsterdam (31 March – 1 May) with a range of activities themed around its widely Forever London marketing theme that plays heavily on the fact that it is the only international London Dry Gin to still have its distillery in London.  


1 May 2009 - Felicity Murray