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Chivas Regal magnum designed by Lacroix

Chivas Regal has joined forces with French fashion designer Christian Lacroix to create a lavish limited edition Chivas 12 Magnum.

Chivas 12 Magnum by Christian Lacroix will be limited to 15,000 editions worldwide and has been designed to express the brand’s essence, exuberant luxury, audacity, authenticity and glamour. The decorative effects in the colour of the whisky on a premium silver surface were applied using laser metallisation technology – the precision laser deposition of thin metal-film features onto a glass substrate.

Commenting on the project, Christian Lacroix said ”To my rather vivid imagination, the mere sound of certain names, when spoken or read, seems to destine them straightaway for celebrity, such is the sense of quality, prestige or luxury their syllables convey.  That is why, for me, the name ‘Chivas Regal’ has always been synonymous with ‘style’, ‘palace’, ‘royal’.”

The1.5 litre bottle was launched in travel retail in October at Singapore airport. It will be rolled out in the following months to Bangkok, Australia, New Zealand (November 2009), Hong Kong, Vietnam (December 2009), Korea (January 2010), and Malaysia (April 2010).

The retail price for Chivas 12 Magnum by Christian Lacroix for Singapore DFS is US$100.55 per bottle




Below: a simulation of the laser decoration and the Lacroix Chivas Regal merchandising unit at Singapore airport.

1 October 2009 - Felicity Murray