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Reisling profile use spreads

The New York-based International Riesling Foundation (IRF) has announced that its Riesling taste profile has been taken up by more growers in Australia, New Zealand and the US.

Jim Trezise, IRF president said: “The profile is spreading around the world in terms of use on labels and point-of-sale materials and will be very common in the marketplace in 2010 and beyond.”

The Fosters group in Australia is now using the taste profile on its Leo Buring Eden Valley Australian Medium Sweet Riesling. Neudorf Vineyards in New Zealand is using it, as are some other wineries in that country. Diageo features it on its Sagelands Riesling from Walla Walla, Washington.

He said: “Chateau Ste. Michelle, the world’s largest Riesling producer, included it on two of its 2008 wines and will expand its use to the entire Riesling portfolio of 2009 wine, about 800,000 cases. Pacific Rim Winemakers, another major Washington producer, has been featuring the taste profile since the beginning, as has Jekel Vineyards.

“Many other wineries in California, Michigan, New York, Ohio, Oregon and Washington have also added the profile to their labels, meaning it will be very common in the market next year and consumers will start looking for it on all Rieslings.”

1 September 2009 - James Graham