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Jacob’s Creek Three Vines in 50cl bottles

Jacob’s Creek responds to consumer demand for smaller sized bottles and begins an awareness drive within the 50cl market

Jacob’s Creek is to launch 50cl versions of its tri-varietal wine range Jacob’s Creek Three Vines, which will be available from mid-September. The Jacob’s Creek Three Vines 50cl range consists of a Semillon Sauvignon Blanc Viognier (white), Shiraz Grenache Sangiovese (rosé), and Shiraz Cabernet Tempranillo (red).

The range was developed in response to the growing number of consumers looking for wine in a 50cl format, as identified by a Jacob’s Creek-commissioned consumer study and ‘Wine Intelligence’ research.  Recent Nielsen figures also reinforced the potential for Jacob’s Creek Three Vines within the 50cl category, which has experienced year-on-year value growth of 182%’.  The Jacob’s Creek Three Vines range has experienced year-on-year growth of 44%”; this, coupled with the increasing interest in the 50cl format - shown by the consumer research findings - has led Jacob’s Creek to be confident that Jacob’s Creek Three Vines 50cl will be a great success.

Key findings from the research include:

• Over 1 in 5 wine drinkers would consider purchasing a 50cl bottle rather than a 3L or 5L wine box, plastic bottle, wine bag/pouch or a 25cl single serve bottle

• 42% of those consumers that would consider a 50cl format are on the lookout for new products within the wine category

• Consumers considering purchasing 50cl bottles are engaged with the wine market and prefer well known brands; they also look for products which are high quality

• A third of consumers new to the wine category said they would be more likely to trial wine if smaller packs were made available4

The following research findings substantiate Jacob’s Creek’s rationale for producing a 50cl format5:

• Consumers interested in purchasing Jacob’s Creek Three Vines 50cl were attracted by its convenient and handy size

• Whilst consumers prefer to share a bottle of wine, they don’t always want to finish a 75cl bottle in one sitting – drinking the 50cl format in an evening potentially eliminates uncertainties about the freshness of remaining wine in a 75cl bottle the following day

Nick Blair, Wine Director for Pernod Ricard UK, says, “Jacob’s Creek Three Vines has gained favour with consumers who are seeking fresh, contemporary wine styles that are lighter in alcohol (12.5% vol). Now, whether dining out with a friend or enjoying mid-week drinks in a bar with colleagues, consumers have the perfect choice with Jacob’s Creek Three Vines 50cl – the ideal size for sharing.”



1 September 2009 - Felicity Murray