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Consumer research proves wine in cans a hit

Rexam commissioned Madano Partnership to record the responses of 18 to 35 year old females, enjoying the sun during a relaxing afternoon in London’s parks.  This target age group was the main focus of the research and the aim was to capture their initial reactions to the cans, as well as exploring the ideas of design, practicality and recyclability.  
• Watch some of the interviews

As the videos show, the initial reaction was a positive one and many of those interviewed agree that wine in a can is a natural step for the wine market to take.  Not only is it a convenient new packaging format, it opens up the wine to new markets.
Drinking wine at festivals, at a picnic in the park and even on the beach has, in the past, caused problems for wine drinkers.  Whether these problems have come through the impracticality of carrying large glass bottles and glasses around, or glass being banned in certain areas, wine in cans seems, to the consumer, an excellent alternative.  The responses show that consumers believe wine in cans would be easier to transport, keep the wine inside cool and are easy to open. They also like the idea that cans make it possible for wine to be enjoyed on-the-go.
This on-the-go consumption is further highlighted as a key aspect to the wine in cans appeal at festivals where beer is often the only option that is readily available in cans.  With wine in a can, consumers, predominantly female, now have the option to enjoy wine at such outdoor events – they can have the drink they want instead of settling for something less enjoyable but more practical.
Recyclability is at the forefront of the mind of most consumers, and the videos show that this is an important consideration for wine drinkers.  Whether the wine is being enjoyed in the park, at the beach or at a festival, the cans can be easily crushed and safely stored away to be recycled at a later date.
The overridingly positive response from those interviewed reaffirms the beliefs that Rexam has held for some time; Putting wine in can makes sense. Not only is it more practical for on-the-go consumption but it makes enjoying wine more convenient and safer whilst reinforcing the environmental benefits of the beverage can.
With presence in consumer press titles and an updated wine in cans website, Rexam continues to be approached about wine in cans and the possibilities.
Irene Martinez, category development manager at Rexam, is encouraged by the uplift in interest recently. She says: “On a weekly basis I am receiving more and more contact through our website, which is really pleasing. Only recently, I was contacted by a consumer who was asking where they could get hold of some wine in cans as he was off to a music festival in the UK with some friends. They could really see the benefits to them personally and were excited about more availability of wine in cans in the UK soon.”
She went on to say “The recent UK consumer research we have commissioned truly shows there is a need for a more convenient packaging for wine in cans and we continue to work with brands to make it a reality.”

June 09

1 June 2009 - Felicity Murray