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Joseph Mellot obtains ISO 14001 certification

Winery head Catherine Corbeau-Mellot now wants to reduce CO2 emissions by 5% in 2009, a commitment that goes beyond recent French government targets.

She says: “Being respectful of the environment does not only mean producing organic wines. It means putting in place innovative solutions in order to make quality wines issued from vineyards farmed in respect with the soil and the people. Joseph Mellot wines, either in our wine cellar or after delivery to customers, must deliver a true environmental message.”

Frederic Jacquet, Joseph Mellot winemaker, adds: “Over two years, concrete achievements have already occurred at Joseph Mellot. We carried out rigorous carbon and product assessments. That led us, for example, knowing that 95% of our white wines from Loire Center are consumed within 12 months after bottling, to use a high-technology multi-layered PET bottle for some of our wines. Thanks to this action, we strongly reduced the CO2 emissions in the conditioning process as well as during transport. The eight environmental criteria resulting from the product assessment also showed a 30% reduction of the total environmental impact thanks to this new bottle.”


Report by James Graham

July 09


1 July 2009 - Felicity Murray