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Freixenet introduces new premium Cava

Called Elyssia, the Cavas have been created as a super-premium addition to Freixenet’s famous opaque black bottle Cordon Negro collection
The range consists of two wines: a rosé Pinot Noir Brut and a white Gran Cuvée Brut. The rosé was launched in April 2009 in several European markets and the US, followed by the Gran Cuvée Brut this month (September 2009). Both products will be on shelves worldwide by the autumn, with a UK launch due for September and primary listings coming from off-trade customers
Holmes & Marchant was involved at every stage of the design process, from naming the new range to consulting on bottle shape, right through to the Elyssia brand identity and label design.
The Elyssia name comes from the Greek mythological word ‘Elysian’, which means blissful or heavenly, and is derived from the word ‘Elysium’ (heaven). The packaging has been designed to reflect this idea.
The label is much smaller than those normally found on wine or Cava, and uses rich and sensuous materials. The ribbon that joins the label to the neck is smooth and reassuringly states that the product is made using the metodo tradicional. The label uses a range of different glossy varnishes, ensuring that the bottle stands out from the matt black and gold Freixenet Cordon Negro range more familiar to consumers.
James Dress, international group product manager at the Spanish winery said: “Developing Elyssia with Holmes & Marchant was an interesting and satisfying experience. They really understood the nature of the luxurious product that we were trying to create.
“The wine itself has been aged for 15 months, before being bottled and aged a second time. We use the finest ingredients and traditional methods to ensure that we have a top quality product, and with Holmes & Marchant’s beautifully designed packaging and brand identity, we know that we have produced the very best wine in the very best packaging we can.”
Andrew Doyle, chairman of Holmes & Marchant, added: “Freixenet is one of our longest-standing clients, and so we know its main flagship Cava lines extraordinarily well. The challenge with Elyssia was to create a brand that was true to its heritage and appealed to existing customers, but that might be bought for a more special occasion, as well as appealing to new sectors of the market.
“We wanted to really communicate the extra-special nature of Elyssia through rich materials and beautiful finishes.
“The idea that runs throughout the design is one of preciousness – the small label and rich materials mimic the idea of jewels, and mean that a consumer needs to pick up and handle the product, looking at the detail on the label and physically feeling the fine materials in the process. We’re incredibly proud of the work we’ve created.”

1 September 2009 - Felicity Murray