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Waitrose list Rimon pomegranate wine

Ken Mackay, wine buyer at UK up-market grocery supermarket Waitrose, is the youngest master of wine in the world and the first one to open his mind to pomegranate wine. The store expects the new desert wine made from this fashionable health-giving fruit to be a big hit this autumn and Christmas

"Pomegranates are a big hit with Waitrose shoppers, so we are pleased to be the first UK retailer to offer Rimon Winery's Pomegranate Dessert Wine.  This wine is a perfect after-dinner drink for the autumn.  It matches well with fruit puddings, such as crumble, and will be a delicious accompaniment to a cheese board."

For centuries, the pomegranate has been recognised as a super fruit, containing A, B, and C vitamins as well as being rich in antioxidants.

At Rimon orchard and winery, located on a mountain in Upper Galilee, Israel,  father and son, Gaby and Avi Nachmias have been producing the only pure 100% pomegranate wine in the world since 2003.

The family cultivated and patented a new “super fruit” variety that is sweeter, deeper in colour, and richer in vitamins and antioxidants than other pomegranate varieties, which they have named ‘NG’, after Gaby’s full name of Nachmias Gabriel.

The ‘NG’ is famous for its high juice content, soft tannins, sweetness and rich flavours, to which the father and son team attribute their phenomenal success. The health-giving properties of the fruit are also still contained in this unique wine,  it has up to three times the antioxidant power of normal red wine or green tea, as well as a wealth of vitamins and minerals.

All Rimon wines, which include a dry, dessert and port style, are produced according to the highest quality winemaking standards and all are certified Kosher.

"Not only are Rimon wines delicious on its own but you can mix them to make cocktails," says Michael Meir Dalal, managing director, Rimon winery Europe.

"You can add Rimon for a unique pomegranate mojito, or to Champagne or sparkling wine to create a delicious ‘pomroyale’," he says.

Rimon product Range
Rimon dessert wine
Black Label 500ml 15% ALC/VOL
This is a sweet, yet light wine, with fruity aromas and bright cherry flavours, Notes of chocolate and lush pomegranate flavours linger on the finish. Serve alone or paired with desserts and soft, ripe cheese.

Rimon dry wine
Blue Label 750ml 13.8% ALC/VOL
Using traditional dry wine producing methods,this is an elegant wine with a beautiful deep reddish-purple colour with an aroma of pomegranate and flowers. Has a flavour of cherries with a faint hint of black peppers, and a soft finish.

Rimon Galilee port style wine
Black Label 750ml 18% ALC/VOL
Made using similar processes to a traditional port and aged for 18 months, in French oak barrels. Dark purple and maroon in colour, this wine has a nose of stone fruits and sweet spices. A delicate warm finish, pairs well with cheese appetizers, fruit and chocolate desserts, and blue cheese.




1 August 2009 - Felicity Murray