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Yin-Yang bottle for Chabot Extra re-design


Chabot Extra had been on the market for quite a number of years and there was a need to update its presentation to meet customer demand and to attract new clients from target groups of affluent and well-off Asian, Middle Eastern and Russian consumers. (Old design pictured on the right)

The new design (left) combines the traditional image of Armagnac in a modern and attractive presentation. The design selected was an S shape Yin-Yang bottle with a pure and minimalist décor. The new bottle mould and stopper were a technical challenge to the bottle producers but the result was exactly as the company had hoped.

“The perfect association of our most exceptional Armagnacs, some of which are aged up to 50 years old presented in a unique, elegant and innovative decanter. The yin-yang decanter giving a feel of harmony in choice and perfection,” the company says.

1 October 2009 - Felicity Murray