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Organic apple vodka launched

Serve Naked Chase chilled or over ice with a slice of apple.
Only 360 70cl bottles (42%abv) available at at RRP £39.99

Chase Distillery has produced a new vodka, Naked Chase, distilled from English organic cider apples.
When William Chase built the distillery in 2008 he planned to make the world’s finest gin and to do this he needed the best vodka to redistill wild botanicals. Chase created an English potato vodka but found for the purposes of making gin it was too complex and overpowered the delicate flavours of the botanicals. Now Chase has made another vodka, this time from the organic cider apples grown on the Chase farm in Herefordshire.
The result is a pure clean spirit, so fine and delicate that Chase is releasing it in its own right. There’s nothing added to it, no apple flavourings, which is why it’s called Naked Chase.
The bottle features script writing and swirls of apple roots wrapped around the core. Yet unlike Chase potato vodka, this bottle is frosted all over, enhancing the crisp freshness of the distilled organic apples inside.

1 October 2009 - Felicity Murray