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Tbmin brings eco-bottle to US market



Tbmin Beverages, a Mexico City-based manufacturer of glass wine and beer bottles, is offering its eco-friendly products to US beverage companies. The bottles are manufactured with reduced emissions and minimal impact on the environment, the company says, and use completely recycled raw materials. They are 30 percent lighter than standard bottles and are supplied in 100% recycled 12-bottle cartons.

“Our bottles have proven to be a success in Mexico, so we’re happy to be offering them to US distributors and, ultimately, environmentally conscious consumers,” says Luis Felipe Trevino, CEO of Tbmin Beverages.

Up to one million bottles can be produced per week in the Mexico plant. There are four wine and multiple beer bottle designs. The producer, which has a presence in five countries expects to sell 3.5m bottles in the US by the end of 2009, while continuing to foster strategic alliances with US beverage distributors.

Tbmin resently sold its two tequila brands El Borrachito and Bling Bling to US-based beverage company Yummy Beverages to focus on marketing its proprietary glass bottles.


1 December 2009 - Felicity Murray