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Chill out with iced Remy Martin

Rémy Martin brand ambassador, Alex Quintin with the Rémy IceBoxx


Rémy Martin launched its new on-trade initiative for Christmas, the Rémy IceBoxx, at the Callooh Calley bar in London.
The event allowed guests to sample the frozen Rémy Martin VSOP in both long and short serves throughout the night, such as the Rémy Ice Shot, the classic Sidecar and the Champagne Cognac.
The Iceboxx works by chilling Rémy Martin VSOP down to minus 18 degrees, which intensifies and thickens the texture of the liquid, giving the cognac a smoother and more aromatic flavour.
The IceBoxx has been rolled-out to attract a new generation of younger drinkers who would not normally think to order a cognac at the bar.
The Iceboxx will also be appearing at Whisky Mist, Amika, The Ritz Bar and Jalouse.


1 December 2009 - Felicity Murray