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Packaging styled to suit the Sprizzerol lifestyle

Sprizzerol, the light Italian aperitif produced from wine, aromatic herbs, and other natural ingredients from the Dolamite Alps to “an ancient and secret family recipe" is now available in aluminium cans

Paolo De Martin, grandson of Edoardo, the 1930’s Italian socialite who invented the Sprizzerol, was looking for a way to package the aperitif to suit the lifestyle of its modern-day consumers.

The company wanted a convenient, cost-effective packaging that would reflect all that the Sprizzerol brand stands for and that would serve its product in the best possible way.

By teaming up with Rexam, the world’s largest beverage can producer, the makers of Sprizzerol were able to produce a packaging solution that would not only fit the sophisticated brand but that would provide an easy way to serve, transport and store the drink, as well as being cost-effective.

“Sprizzerol’s glamorous events and sensational performances at shows and fairs are legendary,” says Paolo de Martin owner of De Martin Sprizzerol, who is well known for his exceptional and extravagant product presentations. “The know-how of a leading global consumer packaging company enables us to optimize our product and to meet the requirements of our customers. This is an aperitif for all people who enjoy living and also want to show this to others. This drink is the life-style drink for fans of the Italian way of life and who are cool and beautiful. Sprizzerol is synonym for Mediterranean awareness of life, urbanity and eccentricity. Using the 25cl slim aluminium can fits perfectly with this philosophy."

On-the-go consumption is increasing and so is occasion drinking such as outdoor events and festivals.

“This is a core market for Sprizzero," comments Harald Moser of Rexam, "and the can fits this profile perfectly. Metal cans are unbreakable, making them suitable where, glass, for example, would pose a safety risk and of course the single serve can makes portion control much easier. With a product like Sprizzerol an aluminium can also allows the product to be served under perfect conditions as it is already mixed in the can and is easy and quick to chill.

For events and festivals practical considerations come into effect. Aluminium is light making transport easier, cheaper and more environmentally friendly and the shape of the can makes it easy to stack and store. Additionally, cans are 100% recyclable and can be repeatedly recycled with no reduction in the integrity of the metal.

As well as at evenst, the 25cl single serve can of Sprizzerol will be available from retailers in Austria and Germany and in bars and pubs throughout Italy, Austria, Germany, Belgium, Slovenia and Croatia.


1 January 2010 - Felicity Murray