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Ball to manufacturer Vinsafe cans

Ball Packaging Europe has been appointed as the exclusive authorised manufacturer and supplier of cans using the Vinsafe wine packaging process patented by Australian company Barokes Wines.

Canned wines are a small market with great potential that is currently experiencing double-digit growth in Europe and becoming increasingly attractive to wine growers looking to reach younger consumers.

By ensuring product integrity, consistent quality, stability and longevity, Barokes’ Vinsafe technology is suitable for all wine but, the company claims, is particularly recognised for the canning of premium wines capable of winning major wine competition medals.

Under the Vinsafe licence, Ball will produce slim cans, which will carry the Vinsafe logo to demonstrate that both can and content comply with the specified and globally patented standards.

Barokes’ technology makes specifications for three key aspects of successfully putting wine in a can: the wine itself, the can production and the filling process to ensure the highest possible product quality. Grape varieties and wine parameters must be approved by Barokes’ MW to be suitable for canning, while the can production ensures that there is no interaction between product and packaging. A specialised filling technique guarantees a robust product in a hermetically sealed can. Regular independent scientific analysis on all wines produced under Vinsafe specifications is carried out as part of the R&D, which forms the foundation of the Vinsafe technology.

The target audience is 20 to 39 year old non-traditional wine drinkers attracted by new products that are innovative, convenient, fully sustainable, trendy and stylish. At the same time ensuring product integrity, stability and longevity.

The smaller-size cans will be attractive to consumers who wish to drink small quantities at a time, for example in single households or from hotel mini bars. Wine in cans has also a particular appeal to market segments where ease of transport, weight and storage as well as safety are important (e.g. airlines, cruise ships, trains etc.).
“We are pleased that we as can makers and our fillers can use the long and outstanding experience of Barokes. Our experience so far in filling wine in cans confirms that the Vinsafe process is the way to guarantee high quality when using cans as packaging for wine. If produced correctly, cans are actually extremely suitable containers for wine as they are 100 per cent impermeable to light and oxygen,” says Gerlof Toenhake, marketing director at Ball Packaging Europe.

Filling wine in cans also has environmental benefits: Drinks cans are fully recyclable. Using metal from recycled cans delivers energy savings of up to 95% – and likewise cuts carbon emissions by the same amount. Infinite recyclability of the empty cans coupled with shorter chilling times also make cans a suitable choice for wine.


1 December 2010 - Felicity Murray