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New eco-friendly void packing solution

Packer Products based in Essex introduced at the Packaging Innovations fair held in London earlier this month a new low carbon footprint protective packaging system.

ExpandOS, known as 'Expand On Site', is a clever new packaging protection solution that is 100% reusable and recyclable – making it an eco-friendly alternative to foam, bubble wrap, packaging peanuts and other blocking, bracing and cushioning materials. In addition, ExpandOS can incorporate a company or brand logo in bio-degradable ink.

The paper board is manufactured from certified sustainable forestry and produced from 100% post industrial waste material that would have had to be re-pulped. Together this means a reduction in the industrial waste stream, which cuts the carbon footprint significantly, the company says.

The unique, patented design incorporates 38 different edges and holes allowing it to expand up to 25 times its original size at the point of fill. The pieces then lock together to form a protective barrier.




1 October 2010 - Felicity Murray