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Screwcap with tamper-evident band launched


Guala Closures has brought to market what is believed to be the first roll-on pilfer-proof screwcap (ROPP) sporting a tamper-evident band.

The closure has been a year in research. “Even if the concept is quite simple, the technology behind it certainly isn’t,” explains marketing manager Anne Seznec.  “We’ve introduced a coloured plastic ring that appears in the narrow space between the glass bottle neck and aluminium closure once the screwcap has been opened.”

A slightly different design in the tamper evident area differentiates this new closure from the standard one but the application, glass finish and pour remain unaffected by the new technology and the price difference will be “negligible”.  

A bespoke design service is available for this and the other closures produced by Guala Closures Group.

“Wine counterfeiting is a growing concern,” explains Seznec.  “Some experts estimate that up to 5% of fine wine sold today is fake.  Traditionally, this market has shied away from alternative closures, but if they can help provide a solution to what is a very real problem then they have to be worth considering.”  

Guala Closures expects an immediate take-up on this product and Seznec anticipates that there will also be interest from the fine spirits sector.

1 April 2010 - Felicity Murray