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Security system offers consumer interaction

Chesapeake, a global supplier of consumer packaging, has extended its security solution, Pro-tex to offer consumer/brand-owner interaction. It can verify the authenticity of a product, track its global distribution as well as deliver product and promotional information directly to the consumer.

The consumer activates the Pro-tex system by sending a standard text message, detailing a unique alpha-numeric character identification code, via a mobile phone or a website. Pro-tex can then deliver either further tailored product or complementary promotional information direct to the consumer. The system also offers the manufacturer the ability to track products and build information on a product’s distribution, life-cycle and use as well as provide valuable market data.

Pro-tex was originally developed as a security checking system allowing a consumer to verify the authenticity of a code prior to a product’s purchase. Each unique Pro-tex code is securely generated through a closed-loop system operated by Chesapeake. Codes, which can be applied to all forms of consumer packaging, are then checked against a secure database. A consumer registering the code for the first time will receive confirmation by a return text message. However, if the code has already been registered or is not recorded on the database, an instant text message will alert the user. The unique code can be applied within multiple formats and systems including human readable, data matrix, SGTIN and electronic track and trace.  

Carol Hammond, Chesapeake’s Head of R&D, explains: “The Pro-tex system is simple to use and can now build valuable marketing information as well as help verify if a product is genuine. Its use now extends to include patient compliance, track & trace and customer loyalty awards. A manufacturer can alert a consumer via a SMS text message to product changes or pass on other relevant product information. This valuable marketing tool is multi-lingual and can intelligently adjust the language and message content of the reply according to the inbound message received. Pro-tex is ideal for a wide range of market applications especially where goods are prone to counterfeiting such as high value luxury items, healthcare products, alcoholic drinks and cosmetics.”


May 2010


1 May 2010 - Felicity Murray