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New wide open resealable bottle-cans

The launch of L’eau rouge – an infusion d´hibiscus – in the new wide open resealable bottle-cans marks the first commercial product on the European market for Impress and Daiwa – the strategic alliance between Impress Group and Daiwa Can Japan, which was signed in August 2009.

The new 170ml wide open re-sealable can (WORC) is a laminated, necked, and threaded 3-piece steel bottle with a large diameter aluminium closure. The metal bottle can be hot filled, pasteurised or heat-sterilised. The filled bottles are then double seamed with a 52mm diameter food end. Established food can lines can be adapted to run this type of package.

“This packaging is completely new to the market and breaks with traditional packaging formats used for most energy and soft drinks”, Philippe Cancel, the owner of L´eau rouge enterprise SAS said. “WORC is easy to open and drink from. Its wide top enables an even aroma release. Consumers love the new product / pack development.”

Doreen Decker, marketing manager, Impress Group, adds: “This is a great start for our new bottle cans segment. We are confident we can build a good level of sales with Daiwa’s support.”

The bottle can range
A whole range of resealable aluminium bottle cans - including Mini Bottle 100ml and New Bottles 300ml and 500ml - is commercially available.

Bottle cans are lightweight; they have a complete barrier against oxygen, bacteria and light, offer long shelf life and are infinitely 100% recyclable. A high degree of differentiation and added value is created through printing both the bottle can body as well as the closure.

Bottle cans are suitable for ready-to-drink markets such as coffee, tea, soup, wine, beer, functional and soft drinks.

About Impress
Impress is a global market leader in the consumer metal packaging industry. It is the largest supplier of: seafood cans (worldwide), aerosol cans (Europe and Australasia), cans for paints and coatings (Europe). Impress is also the second largest supplier of heat processed food cans in Europe and Australasia. Impress is based in Deventer, the Netherlands and had worldwide sales of approximately €1.8 billion in 2009. It employs around 7,600 people in 57 facilities in 22 countries in Europe, North America, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, the Seychelles, Morocco and Korea.

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1 October 2010 - Felicity Murray