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Funkin unveils new stylish packaging

Funkin, the fruit purée brand, is giving its cocktail mixers a make-over with vibrant new premium packaging to offer more on-shelf stand-out for bars and retailers while reflecting its excellent quality.  

The seven-strong Funkin cocktail mixer range now displays a new company logo and bright, bold colours as well as an outline of the glassware for each cocktail.  Each mixer is clearly labelled 100% natural and a simple set of design icons illustrates how consumers and publicans can create a perfectly balanced cocktail by simply filling a glass of ice, adding a measure of spirit and topping up with a Funkin mixer.

Funkin has changed the outer case to communicate the cocktail mixer message and improve ease of use for bars and retailers through a simple interlocking mechanic to facilitate stacking. The cocktail name is more prominent to enhance retail display and back bar stand-out, increasing bar call. Individual pouches are also now more accessible for licensees and consumers.

Funkin CEO Andrew King says: “The new pack design conveys product usage as a cocktail mixer and communicates the premium quality of the product which is made from 100% natural ingredients and developed after many years experience providing fruit purees to some of the world’s top bartenders. We used our knowledge to create a cocktail solution enabling consumers and publicans to create great-tasting cocktails with little cost and no hassle - all they have to do is add ice and a spirit."

The range, dubbed the 10 second cocktail, includes the Funkin Mojito, Funkin Cosmopolitan and Funkin Bramble and has been designed specifically to be mixed with the most popular spirits currently available in the off-trade, including rum vodka, gin and tequila.

1 June 2010 - Felicity Murray