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Diageo GB and Coca-Cola collaborate

This summer, Coca-Cola Enterprises (CCE) and Diageo Great Britain (Diageo GB) are working together to launch their biggest joint marketing campaign to date, to drive spirit and mixer sales in the off-trade and grow basket spend. The campaign will headline with some of the nation’s most popular spirit and mixer drink combinations with the aim of reminding consumers to consider spirit and mixer drinks for their summer drinks occasions.

As major players in their respective sectors, CCE and Diageo GB are committing more than £4million in a through-the-line campaign to support retailers to grow and develop one of the most profitable drinks sectors – long mixed spirit drinks. The campaign includes significant ATL and shopper marketing activity intended to invigorate purchase of long mixed spirit drinks, and to offer shoppers a great solution for their summer occasions, easily and at great value.

The extensive ATL activity for Diageo spirits and Schweppes mixers will include radio, print, outdoor and in-outlet POS, carrying the strapline “Together for a Better Summer.” The ATL campaign will reach 95% of the adult population who will have the opportunity to see it an average of 14 times during the summer months.

The heavyweight ATL investment will be further supported in-store by ‘Link Save’ deals, engaging POS aligned to the ATL and cross-merchandising.

In the on trade, the joint business initiative will be activated in over 10,000 free trade pubs nationwide and aims to address poorer quality drink serves with the multi-million pound investment.

The education and sales-driving programme will be implemented by both CCE and Diageo GB’s sales teams, who will provide training, 12oz co-branded glasses and a range of POS to stimulate spontaneous choice of spirit and mixer drinks, and in turn, deliver great returns for the on-trade supporting the activity. POS will feature images of each of the four featured mixed drinks, Smirnoff and Coca-Cola, Gordon’s and Schweppes Tonic and Pimm’s and Schweppes Lemonade and Bell’s and Coca-Cola to engage consumers in the long mixed spirit drinks.

In grocery, the investment will focus on helping the shopper to buy everything they need for a spirit and mixer drink in one place, through cross-merchandising. This approach offers the retailer a significant opportunity to grow basket spend, as well as offering consumers a better at-home drinks experience with quality brands.

In convenience, there will be joint visibility in 3,000 structured and independent stores with field sales support, and cross-category merchandising activity with individual customers.

Not all spirits shoppers buy their mixers at the same time, however those who do, spend more on both spirits and mixers. In fact, 80% of spirits baskets do not contain a mixer and 75% of mixer baskets do not contain a spirit, offering enormous basket value growth potential for retailers supporting the activity.

With a joint investment on cross-promotions and merchandising of Gordon’s and Schweppes Tonic, Pimm’s and Schweppes Lemonade and Smirnoff and Coca-Cola, retailers can drive footfall and cement the purchase of both brands in-store, driving category growth and value. Visibility is key to unlocking sales due to the spontaneous nature of at-home occasions during the summer. By linking spirits and mixers in-store, it makes the shopper experience more convenient, encouraging repeat purchase from valuable shoppers which can increase the value of the category.

Craig Smith, VP marketing and strategic planning at CCE comments: “It makes sense for the leading spirit and mixer brands to work together to ensure consumers are getting the most out of their mixed drink experience. Our work with Diageo offers new opportunities across our iconic brands to inspire consumers to create their own bar-quality drinks at home. We’re confident CCE’s joint campaign with Diageo in GB will create greater consumer interest, contribute to category growth and drive sales through our in-store activations and strong media campaign.”

David Smith, sales director at Diageo GB, comments: “Last year, retailers getting behind summer spirits drove £3.4m in additional sales with 500,000 more households buying into spirits over the summer months. In 2010 the World Cup will provide a great opportunity for spirits and mixers, driving at-home social occasions further from June. The World Cup will encourage an increase of at-home drinks occasions in June, and spirits are likely to be consumed in at least 20% of at-home occasions.

“We want to see our quality spirits such as Gordon’s, Pimm’s and Smirnoff served with great quality mixers to ensure consumers can enjoy the best possible mixed drinks at home. Featuring spirits and mixers in-store helps to break down barriers to purchase and increase basket spend so we urge retailers to get involved to make the most of the opportunity.”


1 March 2010 - Felicity Murray