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Alcopops lead the way in supermarket promos

Alcopops are still the most promoted alcohol product across supermarkets, drinking at home is set to grow with sales forecast to rise to £* by the end of the year and men are still the biggest purchasers of alcohol, according to the latest data published today (March 19) by

With the Government continuing to pressure on the alcohol industry to comply with voluntary health warnings on alcohol, analysis* from, the grocery shopping and comparison website, reveals the extent to which alcohol is on promotion across Britain’s biggest supermarkets.

The data reveals that over the last 12 months, almost half (46%) of all alcopops such as Smirnoff Ice and WKD Blue have been on promotion and special offer.  This is almost double that of beers, the second most highly promoted alcohol product, with 21% on promotion throughout the year (see table below).

Table: Alcohol promotions over the last year

Alcohol Category

Percentage on promo over the last year







Rose and specialty wines


Champagne and sparkling wines


Red and white wine




Sherry, Port and Vermouth


Further analysis indicates that British adults spend an average of £5.66 per shopping trip on booze, with wine being the most popular alcohol type sold across the supermarkets. However, adults in East Anglia are the biggest drinkers at home.  The figures revealed that the average spend per shopping trip by adults in the East Anglian area was £7.66, £2 or 35% more than the national average per trip.  Adults in Wales spend the least – an average of £4.91 per shopping trip – 13% lower than the national average (see table below).

Table: Regional alcohol sales table


Amount spent on alcohol per order

East Anglia








North West




North East




South & South East


West Country


Whilst drinking at home is set to grow faster than drinking in pubs and clubs, with sales forecast to top £12.3 billion** by the end of 2010, it is men who are likely to still be the biggest driver in this growth. analysis has indicated that women spend an average of £5.05 per order on alcohol, whilst men spend £8.81 – 74% more.  However whilst men are still the biggest consumers of alcohol at home, women are closing the gap.  By the end of 2010, women are forecast to account for over 40%** of alcohol consumption at home.

Jonny Steel, spokesperson for said: “Our analysis indicates that supermarkets remain keen to offer shoppers discounts and promotions on alcohol purchases including alcopops, beer, cider, spirits and wine. This suggests that the supermarkets are keen to tap into the growing market of adults enjoying a drink at home.  This is most certainly a result of changing consumer habits caused by the recession as shoppers opt for more nights in rather than going out on the town.”

*Data taken from the Alcohol, Education and Research Council

About is a shopping and comparison website for UK supermarket shoppers, it has processed almost 500,000 orders over the last 12 months. Its aim is to help shoppers get the best possible price for their supermarket trolley while enjoying an easier and more consumer-friendly shopping experience. It is an impartial service based on continuously updated information. also offers an advertising and data service for the Food and Grocery sector. Insights, its data service, is designed to help address the major business challenges relevant to suppliers, retailers and other FMCG analysts and  marketers. Ltd is a private company; investors include Greylock Partners and Pitango Venture Capital.  None of the supermarkets or product manufacturers.


1 March 2010 - Felicity Murray