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The Chivas Room opens at Vinopolis

Chivas Regal has created a branded space at Vinopolis named The Chivas Room. The luxury space is located in a key position during the tour and offers consumers the opportunity to engage with the brand during the experience.

Set beneath the arches of a Victorian viaduct, in London's Bankside, Vinopolis offers a unique and versatile space that retains much of its original splendor with architectural features such as exposed brick work, high vaulted ceilings and soaring Victorian arches. Approximately 100,000 visitors will pass through the tour, with a significant number being Chivas Regal’s core target audience -25-34 year old men.

The Chivas Room will also be used for consumer events, educational and trade tastings and new product launches.  There will also be the opportunity to sample other Pernod Ricard UK whisky brands such as The Glenlivet whisky.

The back bar features an ornately detailed Chivas pattern, whilst the front bar will have a hand crafted, gilded glass top and translucent Chivas pattern. The bar was built by hand and the pattern laser cut and sprayed with a liquid metal finish to create a solid structure with the appearance of a fluid strip of embossed metal. 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                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               asting table has traditionally hand turned legs and the antique chandeliers have been restored with lead glass crystals to refract the light with greater clarity than pressed glass crystals. The classic Louis chairs have been designed in the custom Chivas 18 blue. The mix of hand-crafted skills and contemporary technology creates a more authentic feel to the space and helps bring the brand values to life.

The Chivas Room hosts an ’education’ wall with a plasma screen showing the ‘Live with Chivalry’ advertising, and a ‘heritage arch’ that will display a lifestyle collection of images telling the story of Chivas. 

Phil Huckle, brand ambassador for Chivas Regal, says: “This is an ideal opportunity to educate consumers who are new to the brand, while also showcasing new styles and expressions to visitors who have a genuine interest in whisky. I’m looking forward to hosting tastings and consumer events in this appealing and engaging space.”

Nicky Stanley, wine development and sponsorship manager at Vinopolis, says: The new Chivas Room at Vinopolis is a great and welcome extension to our consumer tour experience, and we very much look forward to the joint collaboration, enhancing not only the tour itself, but also the range of Masterclass and tasting events on offer.”


1 August 2010 - Felicity Murray