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Samalens launches unique style of Armagnac

Single de Samalens is a new style of Armagnac created by the house of Samalens to show the diversity of an Armagnac. The range, which comprises the three age denominations of 8, 12 and 15 years old, is described as being “as dry as a single malt whisky, but with highly subtle floral aromas and astonishing complexity”. It is designed to be drunk as an aperitif, neat or with ice.

It was Pierre Samalens idea to process the vinification of grape must and combine the two different methods of distillation (Single and Double) so as to obtain a spirit as dry and rich as whisky. The result is the fruit of 15 years of research. Pierre Samalenshad had realised that tastes were changing in the world, and was seized with the idea of inventing a new way for the expression and consumption of Armagnac.

Produced using wines made with a single variety of grape; Ugni Blanc, aged exclusively in Gascon oak casks, Single de Samalens responds strictly to all the rules of a great Single, while expressing the exceptional character of a region and terroir whose rich tradition and know-how go back 700 years.


About the Cognac house
Founded in 1882, the Maison Samalens is located in Bas-Armagnac, where the noblest Armagnac is produced. Its distillery is the largest in the region boasting 4 single and 4 pot stills, and its stock of hundred-year old brandies is one of the largest in the world.

Tasting notes
8 year old – Supple and velvety on the palate with an intense floral aroma and notes of liquorice and spices.

12 year old – Characterised by great suppleness, intensification of the aromas, spicy and incense notes. Great complexity with a very long finish.

15 years old – Fine concentration and very supple in the mouth where numerous blended notes of balsamic invade the palette. Extremely long finish with intense incense character.

1 July 2010 - Felicity Murray