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Nolet gives Ketel 1 Jenever a new look

Nolet Distillery has produced premium spirits for more than 300 years and its Ketel 1 Jenever brand has become a market leader.

However, although the genever category is one of the best selling spirits in the Dutch market (25% market share), over the last few years, the demand for genever products has been decreasing dramatically and is expected to drop 50% in the next 12 years due to the ageing consumer group and increased price competition.

Today young adults are identifying themselves more strongly with brands that are more international, modern and exclusive.

So, to strengthen and secure the Ketel 1 brand's position, Nolet Distillery felt its identity needed to be updated with a fresh new look to appeal to a younger consumer group whilst respecting the brand recognition and company heritage.

“The new brand presentation is a clear example of leadership and pride realised through the improved logo impact and new structural bottle shape enhanced with embossing and advanced labelling,” explains the design agency behind the new packaging, Claessens Cartils.




1 August 2010 - Felicity Murray