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Growing demand for alcohol free wine

The latest figures from Infoscan have revealed significant growth in alcohol free and low alcohol wines, with Eisberg leading the category, according to a report by UK distributor Chalié Richards.

Volume sales for the branded category as a whole over the last two years have increased by 17%, with sales of Eisberg showing an increase of 30%, which Chalié Richards says was helped by a significant packaging revamp.

Brand manager, Jason Keeble, attributes the rise in sales to a more informed and increasingly health conscious consumer, as well as a more targeted marketing strategy.

Keeble commented: “The government has certainly put alcohol intake on the consumer agenda. People are more aware than ever before about how much they are drinking and seem to be actively seeking lower alcohol products.

“From an alcohol free perspective, we’ve taken a much more targeted approach with our marketing, identifying specific categories of people who enjoy the wine experience, but for one reason or another cannot drink alcohol.  Consumers don’t necessarily want to switch to water or soft drinks, but want to feel as though they are still participating in the spirit of the evening and are able to do this by choosing an alcohol free wine.”

Chalié Richards revamped the packaging for the Eisberg range in 2008, which saw the original green flute replaced with a clear Bordeaux bottle. Jason added: “The switch to the Bordeaux bottle has undoubtedly had a positive impact on sales figures over the last year. The product is more sophisticated and offers a credible alternative to alcoholic wine.”

Produced from real wine, Eisberg has had the alcohol removed through vacuum distillation, reducing the alcohol by volume in all of the wines to less than 0.05%. Eisberg is also very low in calories – a 125ml glass of Eisberg wine contains just under 30 calories, compared to standard wines that tip the scale at 85 calories per 125ml glass.

1 April 2010 - Felicity Murray