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Major brands opt for re-sealable Zork closure

A new style of re-sealable top for sparkling wine is being debuted this month in the UK at Tesco stores. It is also en-route to the US in time for the holiday celebrations having been adopted by Australian wine brand, Yelllow Tail Bubbles.

Zork first launched in Australia and was developed in response to demand for a reliable, resealable closure for sparkling wines. Tesco is the first retailer to bring the closure to the UK and Yellow Tail Bubbles is being re-launched in the US with Zork closures during December before being rolled out in Europe and other international markets during 2011.

Tesco was the first supermarketin the UK to switch all its own label wines over to screwcap. Now the supermarket believes the Zork presents a similar opportunity for sparkling wine.

Dan Jago, Tesco’s beer, wines and spirits category director, says: “This is great news for customers who are just looking to enjoy the odd glass of sparkling wine. The bottle can now be perfectly re-sealed and we believe the innovation will introduce more people to sparkling wine.

“The Zork top is not only safe and easy to use but also retains the satisfying pop, as well as the sense of celebration and ceremony associated with opening a bottle of sparkling wine. It is also 100 per cent recyclable and can be used to reseal other similar bottles.

“We think that the sparkling wines featuring the Zork will appeal especially to women. We know from research that some women have a fear of opening sparkling wines because of the pressurised cork so this innovation will ultimately give them greater control.”

Four sparkling wines sold by Tesco will initially feature the Zork top - Sparkling Mateus Brut Rosé; Tesco 1531 Blanquette de Limoux; Dino Durello Spumante; and Tesco Finest Angas Brut Rosé.

Tesco hopes that soon its champagnes and cavas will also use the Zork but at the moment the regulations in protected geographical areas prevent alternative closures being used. However, in some places this has already been accommodated. The Zork for the Tesco 1531 Blanquette de Limoux has been customised to include the appellation name stamped onto the top to meet regulations.

The wineries have all put information about the new closure on the packaging for the consumers. Some use the back label but Zorc's market research has shown that the best place is on a neck label. Indeed, Mateus has used a neck label on its new sparkling to promote the new style of closure.


About the Zork SPK closure

The Zork, which is made of plastic, contains four separate components: a cap with a tamper proof band, a collett with a spring loading pin allowing it to lock onto a standard wine bottle; a foil which is a high quality gas barrier keeping air out and gas in; and a seal which prevents leaking under extreme, high pressure conditions.

About ZORK Pty Ltd

‚ÄčThe company designs and manufactures contemporary beverage closures which offer a genuine alternative to traditional closures. Its closure for still wine has been adopted by wineries world-wide and the new resealable closure for sparkling wines ZORK SPK, was be launched in Q1 2010.  



1 December 2010 - Felicity Murray