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Wine faults workshop at the LIWF

A wine faults workshop at the LIWF will discuss the crucial role of oxygen when sealing wines with different closures

How does oxygen get into wine?  How much is beneficial?  What happens if there is no new oxygen at all?  How long before wines are affected by oxygen, or the lack of it? What is the best closure for my wine when bottling?

These, and many other questions on understanding the relationship between wine and oxygen – and how different closures perform -  will be answered at this year’s Wine Faults Workshops organised for the fifth year running by natural cork producer Amorim at the London International Wine Fair
The two 1.5 hour sessions will focus on the importance of oxygen during wine development – both immediate and long term – and how cork, plastic and aluminium closures provide varying levels of ingression.
Dr Miguel Cabral, head of R&D at Amorim, will present the latest published Bordeaux University research on how oxygen reaches sealed wine, and the effect it has on wine development – even in excess or absent – over time. 

This will be followed by a highly informative discussion on oxygen levels by
Dr Pascal Chatonnet –the leading scientific authority from Excell Laboratories in Bordeaux - who will demonstrate his talk with examples
in the glass for practical audience participation.

Taking place on WEDNESDAY 19TH MAY in South Gallery Room 13, there will be two sessions at either 11am to 12.30pm or 3pm to 4.30pm.
Entry is FREE, but only with tickets obtainable in advance from (telephone (00 44) (0)1225 782095)

With capacity limited to just 40 delegates for each of these popular Wine Faults Workshops, tickets will be issued on a first-come first served basis.
Please state preference for morning or afternoon session, and give postal address for mailing the tickets.





1 May 2010 - Felicity Murray