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Sealed for the future

New packaging and environmental initiatives on show at the London International Wine Fair

Roger Harris Wines and Paul Sapin (stand O10) are launching Khulu Sky, a range of three South African WIETA certified wines, and three La Perle wines from Paul Sapin in the South of France in 18.7cl single serve long-life PET bottles.
The multi-layer PET bottle (MLP) provides a complete mechanical barrier to oxygen and is proven to be over five times more effective than standard mono-layer PET in keeping wine fresh. Research by an independent laboratory shows wine in the MLP stays fresh for at least two years. Paul Sapin guarantees its wines with the MLP logo for up to 12 months. And from June, the bottles will be available with a PE screw-top capsules making them 100% recyclable.

Kingsland Wines and Spirits (stand L60), in partnership with Quinn Glass, has a new lightweight 300g bottle, which has been successfully introduced into major multiple retailers. The bottle is a significant step change from conventional bottles with nearly a 30% saving in glass, adding a huge environmental benefit.
In addition to its green initiatives, Kingsland is launching up to 50 SKUs over the next few months, several of which will be unveiled at LIWF, including: Runestone 1.5L bag-in-box Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc – one of the first Marlborough Sauvignon Blancs to be available in a 1.5L bag-in-box, RRP of £10; and Blaxland Estate Australia Shiraz 2009 and Blaxland Estate Chardonnay 2009 – a new range from the Blaxland Estate in South Eastern Australia. Gregory Blaxland was the first to export Australian wine to the UK in 1882.
Kingsland will also be highlighting its ability to supply wines in both PET and glass across a variety of sizes.

Taittinger will be unveiling its new packaging that has a clear, strong, family look across the whole range to improve visibility, express the brand positioning and reflect the values of the brand. The LIWF will also mark the UK debut of the new vintage Taittinger 2004, as well as a new half-bottle format for the NV style, complete with a "half-bottle ice bucket" and special gift packaging. Hatch Mansfield stand (P35).

Also on the Hatch Mansfield stand (P35), new packaging will be unveiled across the Esk Valley portfolio, with "Vineyard Selection" replacing the "Black Label" line, and the "Winemakers' Range" replaced by "Reserve" labelling. Visitors to the stand will be offered the opportunity to taste Esk Valley Verdelho, one of the only examples of this varietal from New Zealand, plus the new Esk Valley Syrah.

Smurfit Kappa (stand H51) will be showing its new 1.5l Pouch-Up packaging, developed in conjunction with Jeanjean (G45). The convenient easy-to-hold pouch preserves wine for up to six weeks once opened, and also offers the ecological benefit of being light in weight, at only 35g, and equates to 80% less carbon emissions than the glass equivalent.

Concha y Toro (O50) will be unveiling new lightweight packaging for its Cono Sur Sunrise range. The eco-glass bottles are identical in appearance and performance to standard bottles, but are 7-14% lighter, resulting in reduced carbon emissions from shipping.
Cono Sur will also be highlighting its link-up with Magnificent Revolution, a non-profit organisation which uses bicycle-powered generators to educate the public about energy consumption, by introducing a mobile phone charging point with a twist. Visitors to the stand whose batteries are running low will be able to hook their phone up to a charger, on the previso that they supply the energy by getting aboard the on-stand bicycle and cycling.
Cono Sur is using the LIWF to highlight its environmental initiatives, which include organic wine production, lightweight bottles, and Carbon Neutral Delivery.

CRP Print and Packaging (H35), the bag-in-box producer, will present its innovative new packaging, which delivers a high quality print finish, aiming to shift consumer perception of bag-in-box by presenting a premium style of packaging.

Bulk liquid packaging company Environmental Packaging Technologies (I32) will launch its new Wine-Pac Flexitank system at the LIWF. The Wine-Pac features a woven layer of polypropylene, incorporating "strength bands" which help to decrease liquid dynamics and improve stability when shipping wine in bulk. The multi-layered walls of the tank are designed to protect against transfer of oxygen, and offers superior protection against migration of other chemicals, odours, and vapours. Visitors to the EPT stand will also learn about the Swept-Bar Bulkhead, a new concept which helps absorb shock from liquid motion, preserving the integrity of the bulk wine cargo.

Packaging and closure specialist Erben (M71) will bring a full range of screwcaps in various sizes to the LIWF, as well as a range of wine and spirit capsules in all susbtrates, including tin, polylaminate, PVC, and PET (heat shrink), as well as Champagne foils and wire-hoods, technological and synthetic corks, and crown caps. They will also unveil top embossed aluminium ROPPs with hot foil stamping.
In addition, Nomacorc be demonstrating its new NomaSense equipment on the Erben stand.

New Australian wine brand Reservoir Range (R70) aims to focus on presenting an uncomplicated product to consumers new to wine drinking. They will be showcasing a range of wines with simple eye-catching labelling, with no regional, varietal, or vintage information, designed to present consumers with a simple approachable product, avoiding unnecessary confusion. The range comprises "Mr Red" and "Mr White", plus sparkling wine "Ms Blonde".

Guala Closures (H6) will launch the first ever tamper-evident wine screwcap, as well as showcasing its best-selling WAK and Moss clousres.
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WineInnovators (S90) will launch Luna, a new wine-based cooler drink aimed at the female demographic. The 3.9% abv flavoured drink is made from a lightly carbonated dry white wine base, available in the following flavours: citrus, green apple, berry, tropical fruit, and sangria. The packaging in a "perfume-shaped" 275ml single-serve bottle is designed to appeal to the young female consumer.

Inspiration will present a range of new eco-friendly range of light-weight shatterproof packaging. The bottles features a drop-stopper, screw-cap and tamper evident shrink sleeve, and weighs 95% less that the glass equivalent.

On the stand of New World wine company Foster's EMEA (L42) a range of new products and packaging will be unveiled across the Penfolds range. Two newly revived wines - Seventy Six, a tribute to the original 1976 Koonunga Hill Shiraz Cabernet, and Autumn Riesling, reflecting the Penfolds' original 1970s Koonunga Hill Riesling, feature retro-look packaging to reflect the brand's heritage and character.

Organic producer Bonterra will unveil a new look for its packaging, giving a cleaner, more premium appearance, and Fetzer will unveil a new look for its labels, in line with its sustainable credentials, printed on recycled paper with soy-based ink.Wine Institute of California stand (P25).

The Ehrmanns stand (J35) will feature three separate zones this year; the first featuring wines exclusively available to the on-trade and independents, the second with wines targeted at the grocery sector, and finally a section showcasing its growing portfolio of Fairtrade wines. Highlights include new packaging for New Zealand producer Tohu and Australian winery Tahbilk, whose new look carries across its core range in celebration of its 150th anniversary.
Cielo will unveil new packaging for its Freschello range. The white, red, and rose, and two sparkling wines are packaged in lightweight glass, with money saved on transportation costs reinvested in an ethical scheme providing drinking water to Sierra Leone.
New packaging across the grocery range will also be on show



1 May 2010 - Felicity Murray