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Consorzio Tuscania joins O2inWines

O2inWines, the international association of oxygen management in wines, has welcomed its 18th member, Consorzio Tuscania, a group of 13 major wine companies from Tuscany, Italy.
“Consorzio Tuscania is a dynamic group that brings strong professional expertise in the management of micro-oxygenation to the O2inWines organization,” said Dr. Olav Aagaard, president of O2inWines and global director of oxygen management business for Nomacorc.
Established in 2004 to develop innovative tools and techniques to improve wine quality, Consorzio Tuscania manages applied research projects in its proprietary, state-of-the-art experimental winery. Member wine producers propose the focus of wine management research based on their winemaking needs.
In addition, Consorzio Tuscania has collaborated with scientific and institutional partners Fondazione Edmund Mach – San Michele all’Adige and University of Padova to establish new parameters for the monitoring and management of oxygen in wine aging and maturation.
“Through our research initiatives, we recognized the critical importance of measuring and regulating oxygen particularly during the development of red wines,” said Alessandra Biondi Bartolini of Consorzio Tuscania. “We are eager to share our experiences, learn from the research of other O2inWines™ partners and further enhance our external consulting services.”

About O2inWines
O2inWines is an international non-profit association created by industrial and academic leaders in the wine industry. It is composed of suppliers and service providers to the wine industry, all leading innovators in their fields and heavily involved in researching oxygen management. World-renowned researchers underscore the quality of the research programs facilitated by the association. The objective of the association is the promotion of scientifically based solutions for oxygen management challenges in the wine industry. O2inWines is based in Toulouse, France. For more information, visit

1 August 2010 - Felicity Murray