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Wine label trends seen through Pentawards

Wine label design trends seen through Pentawards

Brigitte Evrard co-founder of Pentawards, the international packaging design competition, observed from the 2009 entries a number of important labelling trends – particularly in the wine category where five remarkably distinct trends appeared:


1. NEW TRADITION - back to the good old values in a modern way.

This is translated into design by using classical typography, natural colours, and traditional materials such as paper, wood, cardboard, wax seals etc. Also traditional imagery that depicts memories of an idealistic past, expressing happiness and good health, but the whole is executed in a contemporary way and style.

This is to be found on bottles from young wineries aiming at both young and
mature consumers looking for good, affordable wines.

2. SIMPLICITY – just one bright idea that says it all

There is only one strong message – no overload of information.
Just a few colours are combined with minimal text. A nice design is the main objective.

This look is aimed at attracting the new, younger generation of wine drinker as well as mature target groups who look for modernity.

3. INNOVATION – packaging that dares to be different
This is expressed in the use of new materials, new bottle shapes, modern typography and the introduction of unusual colours and illustrations.

The objective is to be eye catching on the shelf, while retaining brand identity. The Champagne brands have done very well in recent years by introducing exciting new colours, festive limited editions, luxury bags and integral portable ice buckets etc.


– the main objective is to shock

We are seeing more and more new ways of packaging wines and spirits with new shapes, colours, materials and sizes.

Aluminum, plastic pouches, bricks, bag in the box… all these are becoming accepted - and they are changing the consumer’s behaviour as well.

We are far away from traditional wine design.





5. HUMOUR – a typically British trend

This trend is present in almost all categories of products and packaging design but it seems to excel on wine labels designed for the UK market.

The humour is expressed in short stories and funny illustrations along with the use of bright colours.

Surprisingly, the bottle shape remains classical - only the message is different.

Regardless of the humour, wine remains a serious beverage…






1 February 2010 - Felicity Murray