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LIWF Industry Briefings - Packaging

(All briefings wil be held on the dedicated Stand S70)

Tuesday 18th May

11.00 –  12.30pm Stelvin and Roger Harris Wines/Paul Sapin

Wine Packaging & Closures Solutions - Investigating buying decisions

PET experts Roger Harris Wines/Paul Sapin, screwcap pioneers Stelvin and a panel of leading industry opinion formers at our thought-provoking seminar. We will investigate and debate the commercial and marketing factors that influence the decisions involved in selecting packaging and closure solutions, and how these can affect your bottom line. Key topics for discussion include:

  1. -          consumer preference trends
  2. -          brand image
  3. -          price point
  4. -          intended market
  5. -          style of wine
  6. -          convenience
  7. -          environmental considerations

2.00 – 3.15pm WRAP – Waste & Resources Action programme

Bottling wine in a changing climate… maintaining momentum

WRAP’s (Waste & Resources Action Programme) briefing session will give delegates the chance to hear from a panel of industry experts on how they have benefitted from the adoption of better environmental practices for transporting and packing wine.   The WSTA will chair this fascinating discussion, which will touch on how lightweighting and bulk importation can fit into broader company sustainability objectives, not only for large corporations, but for small and medium enterprises too.  It will also provide an insight into how the wine sector is meeting these challenges and overcoming barriers. 

WRAP will close off the discussion with an overview of findings from the internationally recognised GlassRite Wine project, highlighting global successes and providing an outline of ‘what next?’, in order to maintain the strong momentum for change by the wine industry and its supply chain.

This debate will celebrate the positive change the international wine sector has undertaken, and provide information and guidance on how to benefit commercially and environmentally from bottling wine better in a changing climate. This could include anything from adopting innovative 300g bottles, to finding out the possibilities for sparkling wine, to how much filling capacity the UK has for bulk wine. 

4.00 – 5.30pm O2 in Wines

Oxygen and Wine Quality: A practical approach to a perplexing topic

Pasteur once said “Oxygen can make or break the wine”. Oxygen management in wine is now one of the hottest topics in wine industry. Results from initial studies indeed show that from the moment a grape is crushed through to the moment the bottle is opened, even small changes in the amount of oxygen a wine is exposed to affect its flavour significantly.  At the most extreme level, poor oxygen management can lead to wine faults. Too little oxygen at critical periods (most importantly, during fermentation and post bottling) can lead to reduction. Too much oxygen exposure results in oxidation. Between these extremes, variation in oxygen exposure has important consequences for wine flavour and shelf life.

This panel discussion brings together world-renowned scientist and leading innovators from the industry around Jamie Goode, the famous wine journalist from the UK national newspaper The Sunday Express and one of the leading wine blogs called to discuss in what expense oxygen can affect the quality of wine and how this can be managed throughout the whole production process to ensure that when the consumer opens his bottle, it tastes like the winemaker intended.

The panel will include:
Dr. Andrew Markides, Ph.D and Managing Director of Lallemand Australia
Pierre-Yves Bournérias, Oenologist, from the Institut Oenologique de Champagne
Dr. Stéphane Vidal, Ph.D., and Global Director of Enology at Nomacorc

The topics discussed will cover the impact of oxygen during fermentation on wine quality, the impact on oxygen mastering on finished wine, and the impact of closures on flavor development. Scientific findings and results from leading global academic institutions will also be reviewed.
Also, winemakers Barry Dick and Clemency Yates from Sainsbury, U.K. will join the panellists and share with the public the increasing important role that oxygen management plays in the quality of wines for their customers.

This discussion is brought to you by O2inWines, a non-profit organization, created by leading companies specialized in the wine trade and academic leaders, committed to the research and development of solutions for oxygen management challenges in the wine industry.
For more information, you can visit or send an email to

Wednesday 19th May

10.00 – 11.00pm Euromonitor

Trends and Opportunities in Wine: Product & Packaging

During this presentation, Ms Marlous Kuiper, Head of Alcoholic Drinks research and Mr Benjamin Punchard, Head of Packaging research at Euromonitor International investigate the short and long term industry prospects within wine.  We'll hear what impact the global downturn had on the wine industry in 2009 by looking at the different categories and regions - who are the winners and losers? Who are the major wine companies? We will also explore key category and geographical growth opportunities alongside the packaging dynamics.

The session will include regional analysis that looks at the BRICs but also beyond to other fast growing countries and regional opportunities.  It will also look into what pack types dominate wine and which ones are more dynamic. We'll finish with a look to the future: what is the forecast for glass bottles in wine?  What trends and products will bring the industry through 2014?

Euromonitor International intends for you to leave this session with a clear idea of the State of the Wine Industry and help you make informed decisions in your wine business strategies.

For further information please contact Florence Mazzone -


1 May 2010 - Felicity Murray