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New packaging and environmental initiatives

Roger Harris Wines and Paul Sapin launched Khulu Sky, a range of three South African WIETA certified wines, and three La Perle wines from Paul Sapin in the South of France in 18.7cl single serve long-life PET bottles.
The multi-layer PET bottle (MLP) provides a complete mechanical barrier to oxygen and is proven to be over five times more effective than standard mono-layer PET in keeping wine fresh. Research by an independent laboratory shows wine in the MLP stays fresh for at least two years. Paul Sapin guarantees its wines with the MLP logo for up to 12 months. And from June, the bottles will be available with a PE screw-top capsules making them 100% recyclable.




Spanish company WineInnovators launched Luna, a new, low cost, wine-based cooler drink aimed at the female demographic. The 3.9% abv flavoured drink is a lightly carbonated dry white wine base (artificially) flavoured with citrus, green apple, berry, tropical fruit, or sangria. The packaging in a "perfume-shaped" 275ml single-serve bottles dressed in holographic labels (which catch the light nicely on-shelf) to appeal to "urban women in their 20s to 40s".
For the special occasion and upscale markets, Wineinnovators revealed a range of truffle flavoured wines. Truffle Valley and Truffle Rose are made French AOC wine with a subtle aroma of fresh Pyrenean black truffle and white truffle to create "the most exclusive of drinks".

Kingsland Wines and Spirits, in partnership with Quinn Glass, has a new lightweight 300g bottle, which has been successfully introduced into major multiple retailers. The bottle is a significant step change from conventional bottles with nearly a 30% saving in glass, adding a huge environmental benefit.
In addition to its green initiatives, Kingsland is launching up to 50 SKUs over the next few months, including: Runestone 1.5L bag-in-box Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc – one of the first Marlborough Sauvignon Blancs to be available in a 1.5L bag-in-box, RRP of £10; and Blaxland Estate Australia Shiraz 2009 and Blaxland Estate Chardonnay 2009 – a new range from the Blaxland Estate in South Eastern Australia. Gregory Blaxland was the first to export Australian wine to the UK in 1882.
Kingsland also highlighted its ability to supply wines in both PET and glass across a variety of sizes.

Smurfit Kappa showcased its new 1.5l Pouch-Up packaging, developed in conjunction with Jeanjean (G45). The convenient easy-to-hold pouch preserves wine for up to six weeks once opened, and also offers the ecological benefit of being light in weight, at only 35g, and equates to 80% less carbon emissions than the glass equivalent.


Concha y Toro unvielled new lightweight packaging for its Cono Sur Sunrise range. The eco-glass bottles are identical in appearance and performance to standard bottles, but are 7-14% lighter, resulting in reduced carbon emissions from shipping.

Bulk liquid packaging company Environmental Packaging Technologies launched its Wine-Pac Flexitank system at the LIWF. The Wine-Pac features a woven layer of polypropylene, incorporating "strength bands" which help to decrease liquid dynamics and improve stability when shipping wine in bulk. The multi-layered walls of the tank are designed to protect against transfer of oxygen, and offers superior protection against migration of other chemicals, odours, and vapours.

The Inspiration packaging system from Asia Pack, Switzerland, is aimed at the growing single serve wine and spirits market. Launched at LIWF, it consists of a highly decorated aluminum or all plastic laminated film plus rigid molded neck and base, upscale metal or plastic cap, and tamper evident shrink sleeve.
The FDA approved 78 gram, 375 ml alternative wine package is shatterproof and ideal venues and events where glass is not allowed. It uses both state-of-the-art passive and active barrier systems. For more information visit




1 May 2010 - Felicity Murray